Tatty Bumpkin’s Children’s Yoga Activity for the week is Cat!

By Sue Heron – Training Co-ordinator Tatty Bumpkin and Paediatric Physiotherapist 

Listen to Cat song for multi-sensory play

In this blog I:

The Tatty Bumpkin Adventure this Week

If your child is going to a Tatty Bumpkin class this week they will go on an adventure with Tatty Bumpkin and her friend cat to see what people do all day. They meet a bus driver, a farmer even some fire fighters! Your child will have a chance to: 
Drinking milk with cat!
What kind of house would you be?! 

Cat Pose – Tatty Bumpkin’s Yoga Activity for the Week  

Ideally, try to do Cat pose with your child as: 
  1. Children under 3 years, largely learn new movements by copying the actions.
  2. Research is showing that toddlers and young children bond with their parents and ‘key people’ not only through touch and by communicating with them but also by moving with them.
  3. Cat pose will give you a great opportunity to stretch out your back muscles and gently strengthen your tummy muscles. 
However if you do have issues with your back do seek advice before doing cat pose and always stop if it starts to hurt.
Once you are both in cat pose you can:

Older Children - Want to make it Harder? 

N.B. These activities are great for older children but:

Shaking your ‘cat paws’ 

Waving your Cat Tails 

Waving your Cat Paw and Tail!

Why Cat Pose is Good for Your Toddler or Child 

As you do cat pose with your toddler or child they will have the chance to refine and develop their crawling skills. Even if your child has been walking for a long time, crawling has many benefits - your child will have a chance to:

1. Strengthen their whole body
As your child crawls they will be lifting most of their body weight off the floor using their own muscles. As they push up against gravity they will be strengthening their back, tummy, shoulder, arm, leg, and hand muscles.  

2. Strengthen their shoulder and tummy and 'rib cage' muscles – essential for good hand skills 
As your child crawls they will be strengthening their shoulder and tummy muscles. These two muscle groups work together to stabilise your child’s rib cage. Rib cage stability is important as it provides the support for more complex arm and hand movements such as writing. 

3. Develop their hand arches and muscles – once again good for hand and fine manipulation skills
Your toddler or young child will put weight through their hands and stretch out their wrist joints as they crawl.  This helps them to keep on developing the arches in their hands and their fine hand muscles.

4. Refine their visual skills – excellent for writing and copying skills 
As your young child crawls round the room, negotiating furniture, they will be using their “distance vision” to look ahead.  Occasionally they will be stop to play with a toy, or look at their hands, as they do this they will refocus and use their ‘near vision’. This refocusing from 'distance' to 'near' vision is excellent training for their eye muscles and will help them to use their eyes together – binocular vision.  Good binocular vision is essential for reading and writing.

Tatty Bumpkin Classes Or Your Own Business

Remember though, for you and your child to gain the full benefit of all the Tatty Bumpkin Yoga and multi-sensory activities, find out about your local Tatty Bumpkin class at http://www.tattybumpkin.com/classes/find-class.html. Or, ask your child’s nursery if they are doing Tatty Bumpkin Yoga activity sessions as part of their day. 
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Love Tatty Bumpkin x